steamed frames rivetted in

72 days

Well as it happened, I did order enough copper nails. Nearly 2,000 of which Mark rivetted in this week, by air hammer. A hot and noisy week in which the ear defenders were always on. But the results are looking great.

This week we also made and fitted the bilges stringers, one of which went in easily with just a bit of steam to help with the twist at the bow. The other was not so cooperative and broke twice on the first 2 attempts to fit it. Barnaby made a good job scarfing in some larch with cleaner grain and on the third attempt all was peachy.

All the copper nails were counterbored and so generated huge amounts plugging work which Charlie shared with Skippy, who has come to help speed things up with the caulking that we'll be starting next week so that we can make sure the hull is finished and covered with paint before the summer break.