the planking begins

38 days

This week we started on the planking. Beginning with the garboard (bottom plank) and working upwards. Shortly we'll also start at the sheer strake (top plank) and work downwards. Eventually we'll meet somewhere half way up with the last or shutter plank. It's going to take some weeks to get to that stage !

Meanwhile Charlie's been getting on with the sole bearers. These support the sole (or floor to the lubbers amongst you, although the floor on a boat is something entirely different. It holds the two sides of the boat together and attaches them firmly to the keel).

One of the satisfactions of building a boat is the unexpected shapes and spaces that are produced at various stages. This space particularly appealed to me. It is contained by the first few planks, the floors and the keel ! I think it would look nice with some fruit in it. May get a bit dusty though.

Also this week work has been continuing on the design layout of the interior and the deck. Hopefully there'll be a picture of this soon.