Mocking up the internal spaces

103 days

This week I finished the half beams on the port side deck, Barnaby put in the last lodging knee and started on the hanging knees and Mark and Charlie fitted the sole boards.

We also started to mock up the internal arrangements. Starting in the forepeak with the mast position and the chain locker. Much discussion has gone in to the design of the chain locker so that when built 200 ft of 3/8th inch chain will self stow and not need anyone down below stopping it piling into an unruly mess. So its going to be a narrow and tall box around which will be the bulkheads which separate the forepeak from the heads.

In the saloon we've mocked up the engine box and steps to the companionway, the settee berths, pilot berth and quarter berth, the chart table and the galley area. All was worked out well giving an inch here, taking half an inch there. If only we had another couple of feet ..............................