Engine beds

99 days

Work continued on the deck structure this week. Half beams have been finished around the cockpit and on the starboard side deck. I've just got the port side deck half beams to finish next week. The forehatch position has been finalised and the carlines and half beams have gone in for that.

Also the engine position has been worked out and because there was not much space for great chunky wooden engine beds it was decided to make them out of steel. Mark and Barnaby have fabricated these in situ with heavy angle iron spot welded. They'll be taken out later for stronger welding and galvanising. The engine is just below the companionway and will be covered by a box. It's position has worked out really well to give easy access for servicing.

Charlie has made another sole bearer for the part where there'll be a step up from the saloon to the galley area and then put in some temporary sole boards. We're getting a real feel for how the internal space will work out now, and yesterday Mash paid us a visit and we checked the computer model against the real thing to see if things will all go together as we'd planned. All seems hopeful at the moment !

Also looking at looking at the spaces within the structure where we can hide away fuel and water tanks. I think we can put the diesel tank under the cockpit sole and the water below the sole in the saloon and galley.