End of Part One

80 days

Well, the caulking wasn't finished until lunchtime Tuesday. This was followed by the fairing.

Fairing is going over the outside of the hull which is made up of lots of flat planks and taking off the high spots to make a fair curve in every direction. We did this with power planes, hand planes and finally belt sanders. Bloody hard work it was too ! Young man's work they say and I have to admit, it was the first part of the build that I didn't much enjoy. Anyway, it's no good complaining and was all done by Wednesday evening with excellent results.

Thursday was the last day before the holiday and we had the whole lot to paint. Mark and Barnaby on the inside and Charlie and me on the outside. After a few minutes and giggles coming from inside the hull it became plane that those inside were getting a bit high on the Xylene solvents. A quick trip to B&Q for four office fans which were then hung above the hull spoiled their fun but allowed us to get the job done within the day.

We finished at 5 to 5pm and Holly Mae is looking fantastic. Five minutes later friends began arriving to help us celebrate the successful end of phase one. We smoked fish and drank beer whilst Mark was still at work putting together the time lapse photos into a film which we showed a bit later. It's great, and you can now see it on the website. Don't miss it !

Thanks to those who came, particularly Matt and Mash who've helped with the design work and Barnaby, Mark, Charlie and Skippy who've been doing the building with me.