Deck beams

91 days

This week we finished making all the deck beams and have made a first fitting. They're looking really nice in some good quality oak and plenty strong. The beams around the mast and the deck openings (coachroof, cockpit and forehatch) are strong beams 3" x 4" in the middle tapering towards the ends. The other 'ordinary' beams are the same depth but narrower, around 2 1/4". The camber of the deck is 4" at the point of max. beam.

Mark has also started on the structure where the coachroof joins the cockpit. This is the 'H' shaped bit in the photo. The cross piece is a deck beam for the bridge deck which is lower than the main deck, so the deck beam is hung under the beam shelf instead of over it. The two vertical posts create the companionway where you go from cockpit down into the cabin.

The deck beams have all come off again for a coat of varnish where they'll show in the saloon and forepeak and paint for those under the aft deck. Next week they'll go back on and be fixed in place.