Cockpit well

193 days

Marine ply has been sheathed in glass cloth and epoxy and then fitted in to form the well of the self draining cockpit. A slight slope in the sole drains aft and you can see the dark spot in the corner which is where the cockpit drain will go.

In the heads a plinth has been built to take the baby blake . The Baby blake is the Rolls Royce of sea toilets, although this particular 'Rolls Royce' was retrieved from a skip after apparently having been underwater for some time being used as a mooring. The great thing about them is the quality of materials............ the pumpworks are all bronze castings and hence always ( ??? !!! ) refurbishable. This one has been off for blast cleaning and powder coating and just needs reassembling with new seals.

We've been getting a bit behind with the painting and varnishing recently and are pleased that Dan has given us a few hours to put that right. Last week he started tidying up and painting on deck; covering boards, cavil rails, forehatch and bowsprit bitts. Looking very good!