cockpit deck and bulkheads

95 days

It's been a great week for progress on several fronts; the structural bulkhead, the deck beams and the cockpit.

Charlie used the timber he had machined up last week to create the structural bulkhead which is made up of three layers of half inch tongue and groove. The middle layer being laid diagonally to create a superior plywood effect. This is screwed to the deck beams and sawn frames bracing them together and giving great strength and rigidity to the structure. The picture shows the bulkhead as it will be seen from the saloon looking towards the forepeak.

Mark has been continuing with the cockpit structure ............ another piece of beautiful and chunky oak joinery and Barnaby has made and fitted some very convincing lodging knees which brace the deck structure to the sheer strake and beam shelf in a horizontal plane. I've been fitting the deck beams and also the coachroof carlings. These are the longitudinal members of the deck structure which support the half beams for the side deck and the coachroof coamings (sides)

You'll see we've created two new photo galleries for this work; deck, and interior