The chain locker is installed

107 days

The only change after the internal mock ups last week was the removal of the step between the saloon and the galley. We discovered that we'd been over generous with foot space but under generous with headroom. Removing the step gives plenty of headroom now without having to raise the coachroof.

So this week the temporary sole had to be removed, sole bearers lowered and a new one put in. Meanwhile Charlie has been busy machining up more T & G for the bulkheads using up offcuts from the planking stock. Mark has been constructing the chain locker from epoxy sheathed plywood and installing it. The picture shows it open, the doors for it have yet to be made. The slab of wood it is sitting on is the mast step.

Barnaby has been busy making some exquisite hanging knees (see interior gallery) which will be hung next week.

I have been doing a bit of joinery for the partial bulkhead that separates the saloon from the galley/chart table. Two posts and a couple of oak rails. The latter of which I was able to get out of the oak from the farm which I had sawn last winter. Very satisfying, but mmmmm ................ not very cost effective!