119 days

With the painting and varnishing of the deck beams and covering boards done the week before last, this week saw the covering boards and the stanchions fitted. Mark and I have now started on the bulwark strakes (planks). There will be 3 bulwark strakes per side and the photo shows the view from the starboard quarter. The lower strake is fitted and the second is up being tried for size. You can see the scuppers (the gap under the lower strake to allow water to drain out).

Meanwhile the fit out continues down below. Barnaby has been putting bulkheads and sole in the lazarette (locker under the aft deck) and mocking up a fuel tank to see what we can fit in. Because of the awkward spaces that are left after berths, saloon, heads and galley take all the best spots it is difficult to buy off the shelf tanks that will fit. It looks as though it'll be a custom made stainless steel tank which will be tucked away under the cockpit sole.

We've been joined for a couple of days a week by Ben who's been machining up more tongue and groove for the fit out, painting it and then fitting bulkheads. He did a superb job on the half bulkhead between the saloon and the galley. Unfortunately after we'd been admiring it for a couple of days it had to come out ! It seems that the framework that I had put in was 1 1/4" too low !!! Mmmmmm.... ! It's nearly all back in again now.