Bulwark stanchions

119 days

Having made a first fitting of the covering boards we have had to remove them so that the undersides could be painted as they'll be hard to reach when finally on. Before we took them off, Mark made the stanchions on which the bulwark planking and the rail cap are fitted. Getting the tops of the stanchions at the right height offered the opportunity of reassessing the sheer (see photo in deck gallery). As before this was a frustrating exercise as it's impossible to get far enough away and high enough, but despite that we're all now happy with the result.

Barnaby and I had a trip to Devon on Wed to look at some reclaimed teak which will be used for the deck brightwork (varnished stuff to those who were wondering). We brought back a trailer load of old beams which were saved from the demolition of a 150 year old cotton mill in India. It'll be used in the cockpit, the companionway and the skylight.

I was also pleased to pick up a quality old admiralty compass. It's impossible to find anything other than plastic bulkhead compasses when buying new. We'll be using quite a few old fittings including a refurbished Baby blakes heads (loo), and a taylors paraffin cooker. The quality of these is sadly missing in the newer alternatives. Also still looking for a manual anchor windlass, preferably bronze, for use with 3/8" chain. If anyone knows where I can find one please get in touch.