Back to work

87 days

Over the summer Charlie put on several more coats of primer and then the inside was painted with white undercoat and gloss.
Back from the summer break . The first job was to steam in the beam shelves. These can be seen just below the sheer still in grey primer. These went in without too much fuss and then Barnaby joined these to the stem with an oak breasthook, then to the transom with quarter knees. Meanwhile Mark's been busy laminating more floors. These are a work of art but unfortunately computer problems have stopped me putting a picture on the site. (Maybe next week).
Also work has begun on installing the Beta 43HP motor. First a 1" hole had to be bored through the deadwoods and sternpost for the propshaft. This hole is between 3 and 4 feet long and needs to come out in the right place ! This made be a bit nervous but luckily Barnaby is a Boring Champion and the hole emerged less than 1/8" off target ! The hole will be reamed out to around 2" diameter and so even such a small eccentricity will be corrected.
Work has also now begun on the deck beams. I've made the first two last week and on Friday we had another delivery of oak so we can make start on the rest next week. Charlie will be busy machining the left over planking stock and offcuts for the fit-out which will be starting soon.