another few planks

49 days

Under the sheer strake (strake being another word for plank) comes the rubbing strake. The bulk of the planking is 1 1/4" thick but the rubbing strake is twice as thick at 2 1/2" and has a rounded profile.

Lower down the planking has reached the tuck, which is the area around DWL (designed water line) just ahead of the transom. There is quite a bit of twist in a short length here and we've had to steam the ends of the planks. This was done by making up a plastic bag around the end 5 or 6 feet of the plank and connecting it to a steam box for an hour or so. After this treatment the plank meekly accepts it's new shape. We're also finding that steaming is making things a bit eaiser at the other end where the planks twist from the bilge to the stem.